Lei Lani

Lei Lani is the flagship vessel of our fleet. She is a true Classic Sailing Yacht from 1967. Her interior is lined with rich mahogany and her classic lines speak to an era of sailboats no longer seen in production today. Her exterior is lined with gorgeous REAL teak wood original to 1967. She was completely restored to her original condition by our team over the course of 18 months. Her woodwork is radiant and shines from every angle. She was built by human hands right here in California. Her birthplace: Costa Mesa, CA.

Lora Lei

Lora Lei is a semi-modern rendition of a Classic Sailing Yacht. She is built as a cruising vessel made to travel across oceans. Her interior is composed of amazing rosewood and dark Mahogany. She glows with her real teak wood trim and classic lines of an era before her day. She has completed an extensive remodeling and restoration project by our team in the beginning of 2013. She was soon after christened as the newest member of our fleet. She was built by human hands right here in California in 1991. Her birthplace: San Francisco, CA.

Lana Kai

Lana Kai is a 1971 Columbia Yacht and an original design certified to be so by the builder himself. Her elegant lines remind us of a tranquil and carefree time. She has a lavish interior and accommodates sleeping berths for up to six adults. She would love to escort you on your next sailing holiday.

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