Resting in the popular tourist zone of La Jolla you can find a precious hidden gem of San Diego, the Sunny Jim Cave Store. The gift shop is open on the ground entry level, in the same building it has been for the past 100 years. For a small fee, you can take a journey down a hand-dug tunnel into the Sunny Jim Cave, a spectacular wonder.

This cave is one out of 7 sister caves that have been forming for the past 200,000 years due to ocean erosion. The walls are lined with geographical history and layers of mineral deposits creating a beautiful display. Sea lions are known to rest in these areas as well.

The entry to the cave was created hand-picked and dug out by Chinese workers in the early 1900’s and remains to be the only sea cave accessible by land in California. The name, “Sunny Jim” was dubbed by Frank Baum, author of Wizard of Oz, as the overall shape resembles the mascot for a British Force wheat cereal.

The stairs are 145 steps down to the entrance and are worth the journey for a unique view of San Diego’s oceans and natural geography. Pricing is $5 for adults and $3 for children. So if you’re a local or visiting, this little gem may be a fun extra experience that will be memorable.

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