Small businesses are in more danger than ever! Gain new experiences and support a struggling small business at the same time – use promo code SMALLBIZ25 to get 25% off ANYTHING bought on Saturday, November 28.

The only restriction for this promo is that you have to make the purchase on 11/28/2020. The code will apply to any and all tours, including those booked in advance. Don’t know when you’ll be able to travel? Take advantage of this deal and book your tour for 3 months from now – or a year! The code will also apply to any sandwiches, beer, wine, sparkling cava, or seltzers that you pre-purchase.


Don’t forget to click this link and book this Saturday, November 28, 2020!

Are you looking for an exciting new adventure in San Diego, California? San Diego Sailing Tours is running our best discount ever! Celebrate Small Business Saturday with a sailing tour. We have semi-private tours, whale watching and wildlife tours, and private tours for couples, families, and large groups. We do birthdays, proposals, weddings, and even burials at sea. Stay-cations and locals welcome too!

Anything you purchase on Saturday, November 28, 2020 will be 25% off!! There are absolutely no restrictions on this promo code. It will apply to ANYTHING bought on small business Saturday – 11/28/2020 – including pre-purchased alcoholic beverages (beer, white wine, sparkling cava, and seltzers) and sandwiches made at our local deli! Use promo code SMALLBIZ25 on Saturday, November the 28th to get 25% off ANYTHING from San Diego Sailing Tours.

Use this opportunity to support a local small business! With COVID-19 small businesses are struggling more than ever, but we won’t let the coronavirus defeat us! Outdoor recreation is still open even in the most restrictive purple tier. We are following strict safety protocols to prevent the spread of the disease while still having fun!

As we move in and out of tiers and stages, don’t worry – San Diego Sailing Tours is considered “Outdoor Recreation” and will ALWAYS be open! Thankfully the sun and wind in your hair lends itself well to being safe in this pandemic.

Our protocols to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 include:

  • Being outdoors!
  • Constantly moving so aerosols and respiratory droplets are not able to settle.
  • Social distancing while onboard – our vessels are built for 12 and Coast Guard requirements mean only 6 passengers are allowed on a typical tour anyway. We have two main seating areas (bow and stern) plus a cabin so that different households may separate comfortably.
  • Private tours are available for groups of 2 (Private Couple’s Tour), 3 to 6 (Private Tour for 3-6), and 7 to 12 (Large Party Bareboat Charter).
  • Wearing masks within 6-feet of someone outside of your household
  • Sanitizing vessels completely top-to-bottom in-between guests
  • Hand sanitizer is provided before boarding and before entering the cabin to reduce touchpoints
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