Just this past week Governor Newsome has approved us for Phase 2!! For those of you who do not know what that is, Phase 2 is when the state of California starts to implement fewer restrictions during COVID-19. Allowing for fewer risk businesses to open with safety reopening plains and rules and regulations for customers to follow in order to keep everyone safe and satisfied. The intended goal is to get to Phase 4 which will be the end of our Road of Recovery where the stay at home order can be lifted and we can get back to having some fun. So let’s stay positive and diligent and implement these 5 things into our daily activity.
1. Social distancing (6ft apart)
2. Face masks!!!!
3.Washing our hands
4. Sanitizing EVERYTHING
5. Please stay inside if you are sick
If we can continue these five steps we will show great promise in being pushed into Phase 3 which we talk more about next week. Stay tuned and stay safe!


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