Custom Private Charters

These tours are perfect for the ultimate private sailing excursion. They hold a capacity of 6 passengers, and the journey is ultimately yours to experience.

Our captains offer first class service by providing refreshing beverages and snacks, with your first glass of wine or beer as complimentary. While on your journey, be sure to ask your Captain about the local history and their expansive sailing knowledge. So sit back and relax with the wind gliding you across the sea.

Sail onboard one of five gorgeously restored luxury sailing vessels. As you cruise the harbor, admire the vessel’s characteristic mahogany and teak woodwork, classic lines, and distinctive interior design that is no longer seen in today’s production. Our yachts are restored by our own crew, most of them built right here in California. Stretching 36 ft. length, you have room to relax, walk around, and find the perfect spot to enjoy your cruise.

Package Options

Moonlight Tour

This tour departs 30 minutes after our sunset cruise arrives to the docks, and is a memorable 2 hour excursion. Enjoy the beautiful nighttime skyline, the stars, and the moonlight as it cast its gentle light across the Bay. Please call to reserve this booking so that we may accommodate you during the seasonal shifts.


4hr Half Day Booking

This tour is 4 hours long, and completely customizable to your desire. If you wish to sail along the San Diego Bay, or out into the ocean, the choice is yours. Please call to book this tour, so that we can accommodate your schedule within our availability.


8hr Half Day Booking

Enjoy an exclusive 8 hr excursion along the San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean. This journey is truly your adventure to experience, whether you desire to dock and dine along the Embarcadero, or do a day of fishing. You can even use this opportunity to receive sailing lessons from our experienced captains. Must obtain a Mexican Fishing Permit you desire to fish along international waters. Please call to book this tour, so that we can accommodate your schedule within our availability.


Burial at Sea

We sympathize with the loss of a loved one, and consider it an honor when our guests choose to do a Burial at Sea with us. Allow us to accommodate your guests while you prepare a ceremony for the departed on an exclusive 2 hour excursion. Recommended departure times are at 10 am, however, we still ask that you call to reserve this type of tour. You must also obtain a permit from the City of San Diego to dispose of ashes. Our office staff are prepared to help you obtain permits and answer any questions you may have, and our Captains are ready to prepare a charter that will be a memorable experience.


Package Details

  • DurationVaries on each tour
  • Guest Capacity6
  • Daytime DeparturesVaries depending on tour, please call to book these tours
  • Sunset Departures3:30pm

Package Includes

  • Beer and Wine
  • Beverages
  • Hors D'oeuvres
or call to book(619) 786-0173

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