Signature 2hr Tour

$ 99/per person Day Sail
$ 119/per person Sunset Sail

Leave the streets behind as you cruise the San Diego Bay and marvel at the cityscape. The vibrant waterfront offers expansive views of Downtown, Point Loma, and Coronado Island. Jump on this group tour to explore this city the way she was meant to be seen, right on the water! Our group tours are limited to 6 people per charter, so it will always remain an intimate experience.

Our captains offer first class service by providing refreshing beverages and snacks, with your first glass of wine or beer as complimentary. While on your journey, be sure to ask your Captain about the local history and their expansive sailing knowledge. So sit back and relax with the wind gliding you across the sea. If you want to sail, feel free to ask the captain to take the helm!

Sail onboard one of five gorgeously restored luxury sailing vessels. As you cruise the harbor, admire the vessel’s characteristic mahogany and teak woodwork, classic lines, and distinctive interior design that is no longer seen in today’s production. Our yachts are restored by our own crew, most of them built right here in California. Stretching 36 ft. In length, you have room to relax, walk around, and find the perfect spot to enjoy your cruise.

Package Options

Daytime Sail

Explore San Diego Bay for either a morning or afternoon departure. Enjoy the sun, the sea, and the wind and experience this city in a way she was meant to be seen.

Signature 2hr Tour – Day Sail

Sunset Sail

Sail along the Bay as the sun dips below Point Loma and cast it radiant colors across the sea and downtown San Diego. Watch the city as she lights up for the night time, and the moon peeks behind the skyline.

Signature 2hr Tour – Sunset Sail

Package Details

  • Duration2 hours
  • Guest Capacity6
  • Daytime Departures10am, 1pm
  • Sunset Departures4:30 pm

Package Includes

  • Beer and Wine
  • Beverages
  • Hors D'oeuvres
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