What a busy year so far and we are just getting started!

Our fleet was featured in the annual Parade of Lights held every year in December on San Diego Bay. We decorated our fleet with festive lights and decorations, even featuring a Santa in a life jacket nearly going overboard! The Parade of Lights is a San Diego tradition for almost 49 years and welcomes both commercial and private boats to decorate their vessels with lights, special effects and more following the holiday theme presented by the port every year. This year’s them was Comic-Con on the Bay. Presented by the Port of San Diego, the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights brings more than 100,000 San Diego residents and visitors to the shores of San Diego Bay each year.

We recently celebrated the Parade of Lights Awards Presentation Dinner at San Diego’s famous Tom Ham’s Lighthouse with the over¬† 80 participants in attendance. The presentation award categories were for lighting, music, special effects and of course, originality! Our fleet has also welcomed a new office assistant, Stephanie to the team! You can follow her and Kyle Corbetts updates on our San Diego Sailing Tours Facebook and Instagram for special offers and updates on our on the water adventures! We also want to welcome Captain Terry Hawk and are celebrating his 6-month anniversary with us. Not only is he an amazing sea captain, but he is also a pilot, hang glider and paraglider instructor and plans to circumnavigate the world. He has lived, sailed and flown all over the world and because of his extensive knowledge he is able to provide first-class tours to our guests. We are going to do a spotlight series on all our captains, looking forward to formally introducing you to Terry and all of our knowledgeable and experienced captains!

Seas Lyfe BoatOur partner Seas Lyfe’s mission is to educate the world about the very real, very immediate, negative impact of humans on nature. They plan to sail their restored classic sailing yacht around the world, port to port and educate people about how important individual and group behavior can save our incredible oceans and majestic marine wildlife. Right now, they are preparing the amazing boat of the same name, Seas Lyfe, to take on volunteers to help maintain and raise awareness of their cause. Want to contribute? When you purchase a ticket from San Diego Sailing Tours, you are helping us continue to sponsor Seas Lyfe and its goal to sail around the world!

Want to volunteer? Coming soon we are REOPENING the volunteer program! Always wanted to learn to sail? Volunteer with us and we will teach you! No experience necessary. Have a question about maintaining a classic sailing yacht? We are constantly working to maintain and keep the Seas Lyfe beautiful and active, which requires repairs, polishing, sanding, you name it. Our volunteers help us repair and upgrade this boat in the name of ocean conservation and bring experience, expertise, and excitement to the program.



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