Are you worried your Summer is about to end and you haven’t fulfilled everything you wanted to do yet? Well, look no further because we got 3 bucket list tips on how to keep yourself busy or entertained before the summer ends!

1.Go Skydiving. 

Imagine gliding down towards Earth from 10,000 feet from the sky, watching over the whole city as the wind blows in your face. Sounds fun right? Skydiving is only the most exhilarating sport I have ever taken part in. All of the worrying and nerve-racking feelings you get before the descend, is totally worth the thrill you feel when you’re free-falling from the sky, especially with a professional strapped on your back like your own personal parachute. Although it may sound scary at first, skydiving is definitely an activity everyone should get into, at least one point during their lives.

2. Try surfing

If you’ve been busy all summer and want to try something new, then why not stop by the beach and try surfing? There are always local surfing classes you can take but if you’re like me and you like to learn things on your own, then rent a surfboard and hit the waves! What’s a better feeling than sitting on the water and taking in the ocean breeze, waiting for a fun ride. The dudes will think you’re rad and the ladies love it, and once you catch your first wave you’re never going back. Surfing is also a great way to work on your core and balance so it’s also some good exercise! Go to your local beach and hit those waves!

3. Sailing Tours

It is never a bad time to go on a beautiful sailboat and cruise the coast of your city. I live in San Diego so one of my favorite things to do is head to the water for a good time in perfect weather, especially when we’re sailing. If an anniversary is coming up, or someone is getting married, why not rent out a sailing tour and end the summer with a luxurious and beautiful experience. Why not watch the sunset on a sailing tour and enjoy the evening on a sailboat with some sparkling white wine? Birthday party? Look no further because a sailing tour is the perfect way to celebrate a new age or any event really! This only sounds like a great time and I would definitely recommend going on a sailing tour before the summer ends.

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