Lei Lani

Lei Lani, meaning “Heavenly Flowers,” is the flagship vessel of our fleet. She is a 36 ft long 1967 CAL JENSEN. She was completely restored to her original condition by our team over the course of 18 months. Her interior is lined with rich Mahogany, and exterior is lined with real Teak wood, original to her era.

Lora Lei

Lora Lei is named after the mysterious German siren who haunted dangerous passages of the Rhine River. She is a 30 ft golden Gate Odyssey, a rare yacht made in San Francisco, CA. She was built in 1991, but is a rendition of the classic sailing yacht, glowing with real Teak wood, as seen in the vintage era of sailing.

Lei Aloha

Lei Aloha, meaning “Beloved Child,” is a 35 ft long 1972 Ericsson. It was designed by Bruce King and remains a rare and successful yacht.

Lana Kai

Lana Kai, meaning “Afloat on Calm Oceans,” is a 36 ft. long 1971 Colombia yacht built by William Crealock. Her lavish exterior reflects the original designs of the creator.

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