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Thank you kindly for your investment in a grand adventure with us.  A couple of things to make your experience more memorable:

  • Remember to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your departure time and wait by the sea lion fountain. 
  • The first and final call for boarding is ten minutes prior to your cruise.
  • If you enjoy the ride, please tip your guide.
  • Wearing soft (non-black soled) shoes is a good idea.
  • Dress appropriately to the weather, and remember it is often a little more chilly out on the water than on land. 
  • Arrive at 1450 Harbor Island Drive – Cabrillo Isle Marina.  It is located right between the two Sheraton buildings on Harbor Island.
  • To park, please obtain a parking voucher at the main gate and park wherever you would like. Parking in our marina’s secure outdoor parking lot is $10 – $15.
Terms & Cancellation Policy
  • Reservations may be cancelled for a refund only if canceled within 7 days prior to the reservation.
  • All departures are at the sole discretion of the Captain.
  • Boats will sail in light rain as well as other “safe weather”.
  • Rescheduled tours due to missing the boat departure are available for an additional $50/person fee, and only if space is available on an existing departure.

Common Questions

Can I reserve a private tour?

Yes!  Private tours are available for up to six guests. Enjoy a romantic escape, plan the perfect anniversary, or create a one-of-a-kind family adventure. For larger groups, check out our group sailing charters. Choose your destination, and go!

Will i get seasick?

Seasickness is a reaction to unfamiliar motion while aboard a vessel. While most of our guests do not experience seasickness, a small percentage of people may be prone to seasickness.  In our experience, this often includes people susceptible to other forms of motion sickness. If you do get seasick, it’s OK! Alert a crew member and we can help you overcome it. 

To help reduce your chances of becoming seasick:


  •  Stay above deck and breathe fresh air
  • Look to the horizon, instead of into a phone or book
  • Avoid the restroom and cabin area
  • Get plenty of shade and avoid direct sunlight
  • Sail on a full stomach, and avoid foods that may upset you
is there a restroom aboard the boat?

Our yachts are equipped with modest, unisex restrooms located in the main cabin. Space and amenities are limited; we recommend using a restroom before beginning your tour.

WHERE are you located?

Our yachts are docked at Cabrillo Isle Marina, located at 1450 Harbor Island Drive in San Diego (between the two Sheraton buildings on Harbor Island). Secure outdoor parking is available through the Marina. Vouchers may be obtained at the main gate for $10 – $15.

Guests are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes early for their scheduled departure. Please gather at the large sea-lion fountain, located within the marina. Your captain will perform final boarding call ten minutes before departure.

Are there age limits for sailing?

All ages are welcome aboard our vessels. Children must be attended to at all times. If you have any questions regarding a sailing charter, please give us a call. We will be happy to answer your questions, and we can help you book your voyage over the phone.

Can I book my wedding at sea?

Create a wedding to remember! Charter a 60-foot luxury catamaran for yourself and up to 47 guests. Catering, music, and photography options available.

What about bad weather?

San Diego is known for beautiful weather. Still, there may be the rare case where the weather takes a turn on the day of your charter. If it were up to us, every sailing day would be amazing. On days when it isn’t, we do our best to wait out the weather to see if it clears. Our boats will sail in light rain and other “safe weather”.

Ultimately, all departures are at the sole discretion of the Captain. In cases where poor weather risks safety and we absolutely must cancel a scheduled charter, voyages will be rescheduled.

What should I wear?

Out at sea, the wind can add a chill to the air. Be sure to check the weather forecast on the day of your sail, and consider bringing a light jacket just in case. Storage for personal gear is available in the cabin. Light-colored clothing with long sleeves can help reduce the effects of the sun. Guests may wish to bring sunscreen along for their charter.

Correct footwear is important while sailing. Decks can become wet with sea spray; we recommend comfortable, fast-drying shoes with good traction. White or light-colored soles are preferable, as dark soles can leave marks on the yacht. 

do you offer group rates?

Group charters are available, as well as sailing charters for corporate retreats and bachelorette parties. Our group charters can accommodate up to 12 guests. Group rates are based on total number of guests and duration of charter. Contact us for more information on creating a memorable, group sailing experience.  

how do i make reservations?

Reservations for group, individual, and private sailing charters can be made here on our site through our booking page, by emailing us through the form at the bottom of this page, or by calling San Diego Sailing Tours directly at (619) 786-0173.

can I reserve a boat for my family?

Private charters are available to take you and your family on your own sailing adventure.

Are life jackets required?

California law requires all vessels over 16 feet to carry enough life jackets for all passengers and crew members. Additionally, all guests under the age of 13 are required to wear life jackets for the duration of the charter. Crew members review all safety procedures before setting sail.

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