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Are you you sort of an extremist when it comes to outdoor adventure? When it comes to risk taking in the outdoors, there are very few things that get your blood pumping as much as cliff jumping. From the moment you take that leap of faith, to the time you’re submerged in water, that reoccurring thought of danger and excitement will be there.
When it comes to cliff jumping it is always nice to find a spot that is elapsed in beauty. That’s why we’ve dialed into Adventure Sports Network and found the 5 best cliff jumps across the world. Of course these are places that any normal individual can take that leap, not places just for the professionals.
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Starting the list off is Lagos, Portugal, which is a town that is at the bottom tip of Europe. Next up is Blue Lagoon, Bali, which has jumps ranging from 10 to 40 feet. Next is Tortuga Cenote, Mexico, which has 6,000 different sinkholes that you can take a plunge into. Next up on the list we have Crater Lake, Oregon, which is Oregon’s only national park and home to the deepest lake in the United States. Last, but certainly not least, is Queen’s Bath, Kauai, which is a pristine turquoise colored sinkhole located on Kauai’s north shore.
Now that you have a list of all these places, get on out into the world and get your blood pumping with all these incredible jumps. As always, stay safe out there and when it comes to these places, always consult with the locals on where to go because they do know what’s best.
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