Balboa Park: “Where history is majestic, where beauty blooms and  and curiosity is cultivated”

Ever been to Balboa Park? If not, you need to go as soon as possible! Balboa Park is one of the largest attractions in San Diego. It offers museums, performing arts, gardens, shopping and restaurants! Balboa Park is also known for hosting many different cultural and celebratory festivals.

The park has about 17 different museums including The Natural History Museum (theNAT),  Fleet Science Center, San Diego Air & Space Museum, The San Diego Museum of Art and The Worldbeat Center. All of these museums are family friendly and great for rainy days or when you need to get out of the sun for a few hours! You will definitely not be bored spending a day roaming the halls of these great galleries!

Want to see a live performance? Balboa Park is the perfect place! Throughout the park there are 10 different stages as well as additional ones in the summer months. Come and enjoy ballet performances, musicals, puppet shows, and weekly performances with the words largest outdoor pipe organ!

Pack a picnic and prepare for a beautiful day in the gardens of Balboa! The park has 19 gardens all blooming with different kinds of flowers. Spends some time in the botanical gardens or head over to the old cactus garden. All are great options and we highly recommend making your way through all of them during your time here in San Diego.

Get ready to shop until you drop! This park is full of different shops to check out. Buy a postcard of sunny San Diego to send to friends or stop off in one of the gift stores of the museum you went to for a memento! Don’t forget to check out the local art center where you might find your new favorite art piece!

After all those activities its time to get some food! The park has plenty of places to choose from and can accommodate anyone’s needs. There are cafes, grills, snack carts and pubs located throughout the entire park so no matter what time of day you are there you will always be able to enjoy something!

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