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a bachelorette party on a vintage sailing yacht

Booking a private yacht would definitely make you the best bridesmaid ever! If only such a thing existed…  You know this is all about the Bride, but is it entirely wrong to make sure the other ladies are jealous of your epic plans? No way, we say sail away!

Your bride to be is going to in seventh heaven when our experienced captain invites you aboard for a dream-filled cruise across the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean.  We off packages that the entire team can afford and we will set your night off right. Get dropped off at as restaurant after your sail and allow your captain to guide you to continuing the party.  There is a reason that we have the reviews we do.  We care about you, your experience, and making that special day one that SHE will never EVER forget. 

Are you really that shocked = you already know that a sailing bachelorette party can not be beat.  It can however fill up, so BOOK NOW before you get the crew rallied top point you to ard the plank for your reservation anticipation delay. 

You have a big special day to plan == this on os the easiest part = you already know that they are all going to go nuts when they see what you have booked for the whole crew.  Your very own private bachelorette party party yacht.  The number of hours is up to you… and your Bachelorette Crew.

Her own private voyage

Toast a glass of bubbly to the bride to be on the Sea.

  Your captain will navigate your private vessel catering to the whim of the main woman.  No cat calls here, though you might catch a glimpse of San Diego’s glitterati.  Smile and wave as they tip their hat to your lioness led crew.

A cordial congratulations from yacht to yacht, now that experience ALMOST can’t be bought.     

Unmatched Views

Soak in 360 views of beautiful oceanic wonmder.  You captain will be navigating your private sailing yacht to entertain your group alone. The most epic backdrop is waiting for you.  Just pick the best sailing picture for your group and your captain will set it up.  The world is our oyster and your captain is your forever-memory image creator.  Enjoy true high end bliss onboard your own private yacht charter.

Bride to be Blown away

What more majestic way is there to celebrate the unity of something so magical as true love? This is her time to shine, so let her gracefully pose next to the glimmering water against the city skyline of San Diego. Let’s face it, a simple image of her and all her crew aboard their own private sailing yacht is guaranteed for glory.  She’ll be posting these memories for a long time.   You will be the ones credited for making it all happen.  We are here not only to impress the bachelorette, but to bring credit to her crew for working so hard to make it a day to remember forever.   

photo packages

Catch it all on film.  Our edited videos can not be beat at the wedding reception.  Wanna make people jealous of your ‘Gram?… Upgrade to the full edited video package. Choreograph with your captain for the Bride to be SEEN with her gaggle of geese…  Got a couple low budget hold outs joining the group?…Rent a go-pro from us and save a few coins while getting to edit in your own 2 cents. (Rental Includes Memory Card)


The boat was beautiful, well-maintained, and comfortable. Great company…Looking forward to next time!

Marissa James

I highly recommend San Diego Sailing Tours – def a must-do when visiting. Thank you, we had a great time!

Jinga Low

Sailing Bachelorette Parties


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