California always carries a consistent supply of the worlds best skateboarders! Practice your talent at these top 3 skate parks! 

#1- Washington Street Skate Park:

This is a “skateboard only” park run by locals. Washington Street skatepark is known for being a great park with fast lines, crazy kids, and an even crazier keyhole. The park is continuously changing due to the dedication the builders who put it into place. A park genuinely run by skaters. Washington Street is recommended for anyone even for spectators (a few pros drop in from time to time). Benefits include: no cost to get in, no need for pads or helmet, and parking spots are available directly by the park. Washington Street skate park is located UNDER Pacific Highway which allows for skating in all weather conditions. Also, a friendly reminder to make sure to watch how the park works and respect locals/other skaters there.

Location: Pacific Highway And W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92110

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#2– Rob Field Ocean Beach:

 With 40,000 square feet of concrete, this skate park has something for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. Robb Field is the first skateboard park constructed and operated by  San Diego. It was surprisingly designed with the input of top local skateboarders, such as Tony Hawk. Located right next to the San Diego River Bike Path before entering the groovy city of Ocean Beach, it’s easy to get to and absolutely worth it.  The “street course” design features a combination bowl, along with plenty of handrails, ledges, blocks, a pump bump, and an octagon volcano. You won’t get bored here, that’s for sure. 

Location: 2525 Bacon St, San Diego, CA 92107
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#3- Memorial:

This is a fun park and was originally one of the first public, free parks built in the early 2000s!  The San Diego Memorial Skateboard Park has a little something for everyone. The Park features a killer Old School Keyhole Pool, a spread out Snake Run, a smaller flow section with a Volcano and street course with some fun transition mixed in there. It’s been a treasured community asset for years and is an actual huge asset to the area’s youth! This park has produced more pros than any other in the county. It’s what a community park should be like. Go see for yourself and get skating!

Location: 702 S 30th St, San Diego, CA 92113 / Greely Ave & Martin Ave



























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