One of the best places to visit this summer abroad is London! The weather in London has recently warmed up and the rain has finally subsided. There are so many places to visit in London, including Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and the original Shakespeare Theater! There is so much history in London to learn about this summer, so enjoy the nice weather and a getaway abroad!

If you’re an enjoyer of the East Coast, one of the most beautiful spots to visit is Cape Cod, Massachusetts! Cape Cod has so much to offer including its beautiful beaches and wildlife sightings. The town is located within New England, which has much history to offer being some of the first founding states to exist in the area. Come see the beaches, great whites, and the popularity of many tourists from outside of the small town!

Although the summers in Arizona are blisteringly hot, there is so much nature to experience during this warm weather. Arizona offers the Grand Canyon, which is a beautiful day trip for anyone interested in wildlife, hiking, or just nature itself. The Grand Canyon offers various hiking trails, including a hike that ventures inside of the canyon. The desert in the summer can be beautiful, don’t miss out because of the heat

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