As the rain is starting to subside and the sun is willing its way out of the clouds, it’s time to get outside and explore San Diego! We recommend doing something that is active, healthy and adventurous! Not sure what to do? How about going on a hike!?

Not sure what to do? How about going on a hike!?

Recently one of our employees took advantage of a sunny day and drove up to Black Mountain Open Spaces and took a stroll in the wilderness.  The trail is very accessible and easy to find. We recommend parking at the church where there is free parking and facilities. Find your way up the trail for miles and miles. Be careful though, it is not a direct loop so you have to turn around once you are half way tired! Something that is great about this trail is that it is dog-friendly! Pups of all sizes are welcome to explore this area however they do need to be on leash. Make sure to bring some water and a hat to protect you from the sun. You can hike up pretty high so you are exposed to all the elements. Have fun and enjoy the beautiful vast views of San Diego from this trail!

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