The Maritime Museum of San Diego is a wonderful and historical attraction on the San Diego Bay, especially for the nautically inclined individual like those of us here at San Diego Sailing Tours!

The museum was established in 1948 and has bragging rights to one of the largest fleets of historic sea vessels in the US including; several tall ships (sailing vessels), 2 submarines, a steam ferry, a steam yacht and many more ocean crafts of the past.

The brilliant Star of India is the centerpiece of the Maritime Museums collection. The Star of India is the oldest active sailing ship in the world. She is a windjammer sailing ship built in 1863 in The Isle of Man and was launched 5 days before Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. She enjoyed a long career sailing from England to India and on to New Zealand.  After which she became a salmon hauler sailing a route stretching from Alaska to California. She retired in 1926, after sailing around the world 21 times! In 1963 she was completely restored and became a seaworthy museum ship.

We are certain once you visit the Maritime Museum you and your family will be anxious to try some sailing for yourselves! Book a tour with us here at San Diego Sailing Tours and your captain will be happy to teach you the basics of sailing and even let you or the kids participate in sailing the boat! Schedule your tour today and…

We’ll Sail You Soon!!

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