Captain Kyle is the most senior captain aboard the San Diego Sailing Tours family in addition to being a bit of a local legend. Captain Kyle grew up in Los Angeles, a man with a passion for life on the water it is said that he began surfing before he could walk.

man surfing a wave in a wetsuite from right to left. The water is blue and emerald green, the sky is sunny

By the time he was entering grade school, Captain Kyle was breaking into the acting industry. Captain Kyle has a knack for humor and has since branched into stand-up comedy as well as maintaining his SAG actor status. A man of many passions Kyle can usually be found surfing, sailing, hiking or mountain biking.

After graduating high school Kyle spent 7 years completing a 4-year degree in Social Psychology. He worked almost 20 different jobs throughout college to finance his passion for travel often taking an entire semester off at a time to sail and travel to more than 15 countries. Captain Kyle ended up deciding to work with his true love, the ocean and formed San Diego Sailing Tours approximately 7 years ago. In addition to growing a small single yacht fleet to a successful San Diego company; Kyle has also made a commitment to his community by working as a substitute teacher locally.

More recently Captain Kyle has expanded his reach by forming Seas Lyfe, a lifestyle brand committed to ocean conservation as well as Reduce Impact, the charitable arm of Seas Lyfe. The goal of these organizations is to raise awareness about the devastation we as humans have caused in our ocean while applying his passion for teaching through education on more sustainable practices. After purchasing a 70- foot research vessel Captain Kyle has made the brave and daring move to circumnavigate the globe in order to provide meaningful public outreach globally.

To learn more about Captain Kyle and the Crew for a Cause please visit SEAS LYFE as well as REDUCE IMPACT




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