Earth day is approaching fast! How will you be celebrating Mother Earth?

This Saturday April 22nd San Diego will be celebrating Earth Day all over the county. This day is very important to San Diego Sailing Tours because the company would not exist without Mother Earth. She provides us the opportunity to sail on her waters everyday and enjoy the beautiful sights we see.  San Diego has many events this week that lead up to the actual holiday. Here are a few that we thought were kid friendly and great to attend!

  1. The Flower Fields in Carlsbad: What better way to celebrate our Earth by roaming rows and rows of flowers in every color! The Carlsbad Ranch has 50 acres of land ranging from Orchids, Roses, Petunias and Tecolote Ranunculus! Bring your family and your friends and enjoy the sight! Hours are from 9am to 6pm and tickets cost up to $14.
  2. Birch Aquarium:  Go check out the sea life exhibits the aquarium has to offer! Learn about all the different creatures the Earth takes care of on a daily basis!
  3. Earth Day festival at Alta Vista Botanical Gardens: Come check out this free event where vendors are getting together to sell plants, pottery and art! There will be events for children to partake in such as planting, games and crafts!
  4. Spring Garden Festival: Learn how to conserve more! At this festival there will be demos on how to garden better and how to conserve your resources!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Whether you make it to one of these events or not make sure to thank Mother Earth in some way! She does so much for us!



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