Annual International Comic Con brings in 175,000 people every year

Every year for the past 53 years San Diego has been the home of the incredible Comin Con. This year, Comic Con runs from Thursday July 20th-Sunday July 23rd, with a preview night on Wednesday the 19th. Comic Con is the largest convention of it’s kind in the world, attracting visitors, and fans from all over the world. This huge international event transforms the downtown area into a playground for fans of comic books, anime, sci-fi, fantasy adventure, animation, and much much more. Hosted by the San Diego Convention Center the festivities kick off daily at  9:30am and goes all day until 10:00pm. With over 150,000 attendees annually, Comic Con is one of the largest revenue streams for the city of San Diego.

Downtown San Diego waterfront hosts comic con

What to expect this year at  San Diego Comic Con: Artists, Screenings, and Autographs

San Diego’s convention center is along the Beautiful San Diego waterfront, which is home to marinas, shopping, and the brand new Shell concert venue to host Comic-Con.  The event has a lot to offer including Artist Alley, Fan Tables, Movie Screening, Autograph signing, and Much more. There are activities for all ages, and something for everyone. Every year the streets of San Diego get jam packed with traffic so be aware.  This event brings in a lot of comic lovers and media enthusiasts.  This 2023 Comic Con will be one for the ages.  The themes and advertisements alone will give you more to look at than you can imagine.

San Diego’s biggest show of cosplay

San Diego Comic-Con is renowned for its vibrant and elaborate cosplay scene, and this year was no exception. Cosplayers from around the world showcased their creativity, talent, and dedication, bringing to life beloved characters from comics, movies, video games, and more. Attendees were treated to a visual feast as they encountered iconic heroes, villains, and fantastical creatures roaming the convention halls.

Comic Con downtown traffic and tickets

Comic Con 2023 is coming up soon, so mark in on your calendar.  If you are curious about attending, but don’t have tickets… there are still some tickets out there.  Ticket prices can be rather high for this event, but that’s no big deal.  Why is that not a big deal? You don’t need a ticket to enjoy ComicCon 2023.  Yes that is right.  You do not need a ticket.  There are all kinds of attractions and radical displays outside as well.  The outside areas near the San Diego Convention center are decorated in a magnificent fashion each year.  You can walk around and view all of the displays for free.  The sights and sounds of Comic Con are amazing each year.  The amount of impressive artwork all throughout San Diego will blow your mind.

San Diego Convention Center in downtown waterfront Comic Con 2023

San Diego Comic Con at the beautiful Downtown San Diego Waterfront Convention Center

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