Adrift – Free floating without power or control

“We were adrift for three days while troubleshooting the auxiliary engine after the storm.”

Aloft – Above deck

“Go aloft if you would like to get some air.”

Auxiliary engine – An engine, outboard or inboard, used to power a sailboat

“Our auxiliary engine was the only reason we got back to shore!”

Bearing- The direction of an object expressed in compass notation.

“We were bearing due south for hours it seemed.”

Buoy – A floating cask, or piece of wood, attached by a rope to an anchor, to show its position. Also floated over a shoal. or other dangerous places as a beacon.

“Glad I saw the buoy before we ended up on shore.”

Bring up – To stop or come to anchor.

“We were forced to bring up the ship after only 14 days out”

Dinghy – A small boat used as tender for a larger vessel.

“Our dinghy has an outboard motor which allows us to travel to shore”

Fathom – A unit of measurement of water depth, equal to 6 feet

“We were several fathoms from the surface”

Fore- at, toward or near the bow of the boat

“Grab the rope at the fore of the boat”

Galley – The kitchen of a yacht

“Caroline worked for hours in the galley to prepare dinner”

Heads – The bathrooms aboard a boat

” Pardon me while I use the head”


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