Sailing tours in San Diego offer some of the best of what the area has to offer. From marine and avian wildlife, to amazing views of the city skyline and sunsets there is so much to do and see. Here are a few questions we get asked by people when they first Discover Sailing.

Q: What is the route that a typical two-hour sail will go?
A: The route is decided by the captain upon setting sail. Sometimes the tides will be out, or the water may be choppy. These things and more are what ultimately effect the captain’s decision to go out toward Point Loma or in toward the city skyline and Coronado Bridge.

Q: What if the weather is bad or there is rain?
A: If the captain decides that it is safe to sail, the boat will go out. Although we are based in San Diego and are spoiled with the best weather in the country, ultimately we do have some days where it may be overcast and cold or worse- rainy! In most cases it is entirely safe to sail in this weather and can be a pleasantly different experience. Just remember to dress accordingly!

Q: Will I see much wildlife while on my San Diego sailing tour?
A: There is a lot of wildlife in the bay, and on the longer sailing cruises there is opportunity to see even more! Typically, you’ll see plenty of sea lions and seals, as well as plenty of avian life. It’s also not uncommon to see dolphins.

Q: What is the maximum capacity for your boats?
A: For public sailboat charters we carry up to six passengers total. However, for a private sailing experience in San Diego we can accommodate up to 12 people on our boats.

Q: Food and drinks on the yachts- What’s the situation with that?
A: San Diego Sailing Tours provides white wine, as well as local craft beer, aboard our boats. We also have snacks, cheese and crackers and salami, as well as select chocolates. All of our boats hold liquor licenses so you may bring your own beverage of choice. However, we do charge a $10 corkage fee. Before setting sail, there is a deli located just off the docks with an ample selection of food and drinks.

We hope that this has been helpful and that you get the chance to Sail San Diego soon. Please keep us in mind for your next San Diego Sailing Excursion and We’ll Sail You Soon!

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