Christmas is almost here, and some of us are still struggling with ideas for gifts. So this article is dedicated to alternatives from retail giants and how you can give consciously.

What is conscious giving? It depends on who you talk to, and for many it’s a relatively new idea. More and more studies are finding that millennials want less stuff, and more experiences. And the things they have often need to have a purpose. Even better is if things and experiences have a benefit for the world. Many millennials are turning their backs from the Black Friday Mindset, and think less is more. So here are some tips on how to give consciously, regardless if the recipient is a millennial or not.

Shop Local

80% of business in the US are small businesses, and they not only make up the heart of the market, but they are the heart of American Spirit and Entrepreneurship. When you shop local you are supporting your community, those businesses pay local taxes, and a healthy local economy generates wealth for everyone. Local businesses often leave a smaller ecological impact with less gas spent on shipping, and less resources being used for their product.

Shop Handmade

You may not be the ultimate crafter, but receiving a handmade gift is a pretty sweet deal. It’s one of the few THINGS we can feel the love from. So support an artist or a craft person by buying that hand knit hat, or sculpted pottery. They are often not that much more expensive than of retail giants, and they will always be one of a kind.

Shop Ecological

Find gifts where portions of the proceeds go to donating causes that either you or the recipient care about. Even buying a donation in their name can be an awesome gift. Or the gift can come from a business where profits completely go to supporting a cause or a community. That can be handmade gifts, plants, or shirts they have in their shop.

Shop Experience

As previously stated, creating experiences are the number 1 preferences millennials have. Things come and go, they can become out of style, or break. But memories last a lifetime, and you don’t know how long you will always have your loved ones with you. As we get older, those memories are harder to generate as schedules get complicated, and building a new family can be a struggle to spend it with grandparents and extended family. Many companies, such as ourselves, offer gift vouchers for experiences, such as sailing tours, that can be given to a recipient and they can use it on a date they desire. There are several small businesses who offer unique experiences and tours of the city and of the local nature, right here in San Diego. Often tickets are the same prices as going out to eat with the family, or the latest tablet on Amazon. So why not give your family something they’ll never forget?

If you’re interest in our sailing vouchers, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 619-786-0173.



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