Our featured image of today was captured during a beautiful sunset in San Diego Bay. The party on the yacht certainly know how to have fun an relax while our captain gazes into the setting sunlight. Beautiful streams of gentle yellow and cast of purple encompass the sky and the earthly inhabitants. We believe that sailing has always invoked inspiration in the art, so bellow is a featured poem.

Sea of Strangers

In a sea of strangers you’ve longed to know me,

your life spent sailing to my shores;

the arms that yearn to someday hold me,

will ache beneath the heavy oars.

Please take your time and take it slowly,

as all you do will run its course;

and nothing else can take what only,

was always meant as solely yours.

-Lang Leav

About the author: Lang Leav is a contemporary poet living in New York with her partner. She has published an award-winning book, Sad Girls, and continues to work in her field of writing.


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