Here at San Diego Sailing Tours, we are proud to announce that we are soon going to be opening up a new chapter on Redondo Beach in Los Angeles; this will be a big transition for us but nothing too bad. We chose Redondo Beach as it is 1 of the 3 beach cities in Los Angeles. We have received a lot of questions on whether or not we are going to ever make our way up to Los Angeles and we are making the move.

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Along with some of the main attractions like the Municipal Pier, we believe that we would make an excellent fit within the ocean-centered community. The city only holds up to 6.2 square miles making it, what we think of as the perfect spot to expand and continue serving the community. We are just now beginning to prepare for a new addition of our fleet that we will be keeping in Redondo.


Our plans are on course to take place early next year. We believe that this is the right choice, not only for us but for all of Los Angeles. Nothing is truer in San Diego than the best way to experience the city is right on the water, and we believe the exact same will hold up in Redondo Beach.

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