When you think about sailing with your SO, I’m sure the sea breeze ruffling your hair as the sails pull around you come to mind. The sunlight is bouncing off the skyline of San Diego. Maybe a happy sea lion is looking for a fish and bobbing past the yacht. But at the core of this feeling is the cuddle. And that’s what our featured image of the day perfectly captures.

Our guest board our yachts to escape for a moment in time. Drinking wine and relaxed on the bow, feet stretched out, and the ship dipping in gentle waves. We can describe these moments, but have you ever wondered why it feels so good?

Turns out there is an actual science behind it. According to the livescience.com, cuddling actually produces chemicals Oxytocin and Dopamine to be released naturally during this act of bonding. These chemicals play a vital role in bonding humans together, playing a crucial role in relationships and parenting. So the next time you feel the need to cuddle, have no shame, it’s like a natural medicine making us feel the sensation of love and safety.


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