Our featured image of the day captures a classic family excursion on one of our charters. Families that join us come in all shapes and sizes and we love that. You may notice an additional feature in this photo: the yacht’s name is Lea Lau, who is our newest member to our fleet’s family!

She’s been undergoing renovations for the past couple of months by our crew and made her first sail for San Diego Sailing Tours during our Fleet Launch in September. The Lau Lea, meaning peaceful; happy, is a 33 ft long CAL JENSEN designed by C. William Lapworth.

Cal Jensen’s were some of the first mass-produced, lightweight fiberglass, ocean racers, and cruisers, and were built right here in California. The company was founded in ’57 and was popular until the 80’s. Most of our yachts are either Cal Jensen’s or modeled similarly in year and in fashion. Lau Lea would have been built sometime between ’69 and ’75, and she still radiates a vintage vibe while sailing smoothly.

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