We hope our featured photo spreads Holiday Cheer! This is the time of celebration and thanks as the year comes to an end. We may run a luxury sailing company but that doesn’t mean our staff doesn’t know how to party! CEO, Kyle Corbett, certainly knows how to rock the double Raindeer look, while graphic designer, Elura Morris, would be Santa’s rock star elf if she could.

What were we celebrating exactly? The San Diego Concierge Association knows how to throw a Ball, and likes to give thanks to its partners each year, which includes us! This year’s theme was Hollywood Glamour, and we were certainly raising the energy with some Gatsby vibes.

We also want to thank everyone who has made this year phenomenal, from our customers, partners, and hard-working staff. We’re looking forward to 2018, and may the rest of 2017 be filled with fun!

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