LYFE: Life You Find Exploring, is a central idea that we have been thinking about for years. Some of the best things in life, like adventure, peace, and happiness, are often found when traveling and exploring, finding a sense of fulfillment by transplanting yourself to a different place. The leap it takes to embark on an adventure is often daunting. You can be easily discouraged by many of the small things in life, which can distract from a greater purpose. Exploration is one of the ways that we as humans have tried to break these distractions, by going out into the world and seeing what it has to offer.


We all have the desire for comfort, and a lot of the time our desire for this comfort can take precedence over our human drive to explore. We get used to how things are, in the same places that we wake up and go to sleep for days on end. Adventure is about the adrenaline rush that you get in an unfamiliar place, that feeling that you get when you step outside of your comfort zone. It’s not for everyone, and everyone has a different idea of what adventure should hold in store for them. Adventure can transcend physical place; sometimes it’s about being able to venture into deeper emotional, mental, spiritual, or social places that remove you from that internal sense of comfort.


The image above is one of the first results in a Google search for “adventure”. Thinking about this, adventure is about the vista, the line that you see at the horizon of whatever mountaintop (real or envisioned) that you see. You can stand for a long time staring at it, thinking about what lies beyond the space in between, and formulating a plan for how to find it once you take the first steps toward it.

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