We just want to say Thank You to all of our supporters, customers, family, and friends who have made 2017 an amazing year. We are looking forward to a spectacular and busy 2018! Check out the highlights on 2017 below:

San Diego Bay Events:

This year the San Diego Bay hosted some exciting events. San Diego Sailing Tours guests got to be up-close the Redbull Air Show right under the Coronado Bridge in April. We also had tours during events that included the Festival of Sails, Extreme Sailing Races, and the Parade of Lights. If you would like to be part of 2018 annual events,  join the fun and call in advance to coordinate.

Say Hello To Our Growing Fleet:

Say hello to the newest member of our fleet, Lau Lea! We had spent months doing restoration work earlier this year, and when we were done we wanted a photoshoot with her. But we didn’t want just Lau Lea, we wanted our entire fleet of 5 yachts! So on September 5th we conducted one of the largest events we’ve ever done. We prepared by sending out emails inviting guests to go sailing with us FOR FREE while we took pictures and drone footage. Guests had a chance to bring friends and family who had never sailed, and we had a blast taking our entire fleet while photographers danced around the yachts. That night was also a super-moon, and it created the most phenomenal backdrop against the city!

We couldn’t have asked for a better team, a more positive group of people to go sailing with us, and a beautiful city to sail in.

For those of who don’t know, we specialize in restoring 1960’s and 1970’s vintage sailing yachts, that were made right here in California. We do our own restoration work, and our company was founded on the passion and fascination with a classic era of sailing. Lau Lea, meaning peaceful and happy, is a 34 ft Cal Jensen designed by C. William Lapworth.

Introducing Our Newest Captains:

We had two captains join our remarkable team of experienced skippers this year. Captain Glenn, the 1st photo, who is our youngest member. But don’t let his age fool you, his life is boats and anything related to the water. Captain Zach, the 2nd photo, joined us earlier this summer.

Party Like A Pirate:

‘Tis the Season to bring joy and liveliness! We may be a respectable sailing company, however, we still aren’t afraid to party. This year our captains and staff certainly had fun getting goofy and mingling at conferences. If we’ve danced and laughed together, then the pleasure is ours and we’re grateful for each new face we celebrate with!

On that note: Don’t forget to laugh and have fun with your family this year. Thank you for being a part of our growth, connecting with us, and the memories we’ve generated together. We look forward to 2018!

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