San Diego Sailing Tours is very fortunate to have its home on Harbor Island in the San Diego Bay. This man-made peninsula has become an important fixture for San Diego, as it allows many hotels, restaurants, and marinas to have a presence close to downtown and the San Diego International Airport.

Harbor Island was dredged in 1961, reclaiming an artificial T-shaped peninsula that measures about two miles long. The shape of Harbor Island creates a small bay that is perfect for marinas and is where you’ll find the home San Diego Sailing Tours.

Harbor Island Park, on the Bay side of the peninsula, is a great grassy location to spend the afternoon with the gorgeous backdrop of the San Diego skyline. There are also fantastic fine dining options on Harbor Island, including Island Prime and C Level. The Port of San Diego administers Harbor Island, and the Harbor Patrol makes sure that the environment is safe and fun for all.

Make sure to stop by Harbor Island the next time you’re in Downtown San Diego. And if you want to get a great view of all of the attractions around San Diego Bay, call San Diego Sailing Tours today at (619) 786-0173!

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