Since San Diego is such a popular travel destination, it’s no wonder that your friends and family are always chomping at the bit to come visit. Who could blame them? We never see a drop of snow, it’s warm and sunny, the water is alwats perfect of Sailing The Bay, and the beach is always within reach.

Although there is a ton to do with your friends and family in this awesome city, sometimes the pressure to constantly come up with activities for your loved ones is a little overwhelming! That’s why we at San Diego Sailing Tours have put together this handy list to take some of the work out of being a host or hostess.

1.) Go Sailing! – Sure we might be a little biased but there’s a reason why people on boats are always smiling. Sailing Into the Sunset with a cold beer is an awesome way to experience San Diego from a different point of view. By Discovering Sailing, you get a unique look at beautiful city while creating long lasting memories.

2.) The San Diego Zoo – Voted #1 zoo in the United States this year, the San Diego zoo is a must see for anyone vacationing in San Diego. This zoo boasts hundreds of exotic animals that are kept in clean and humane domains for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to check out the skytram that gives you an aerial view of the whole zoo!

3.) La Jolla Cove – Feelin fancy? Head up to La Jolla for the day and shop till you drop while looking at the breathtaking cove that is usually covered in sea lions. There is a lot to do up in La Jolla for the beach prone traveler who wants to see marine life while dining at excellent restaurants.

4.) Sunset Cliffs Natural Park – For a stunning, sunset view by land (although we prefer to see it while Sailing The San Diego Bay), check out Sunset Cliffs. Sunset Cliffs has been a well-known place to watch the sunset for a long time so you’re sure to get some great shots to take home with you. A word of caution: do not stand too close to the edge! Erosion has made the cliffs a bit shaky at times.

5.) Torrey Pines Gliderport – Feeling adventurous? Head up to the Torrey Pines Glider port and soar through the air while overlooking Blacks Beach. This experience has been called both adventurous and relaxing.

So there you have it! Although this is just a very short list of the many things there is to do in San Diego, you and your loved ones will be entertained for a few days at no emotional expense to you. Take the guess work out of it and schedule things in advanced to ensure to a smooth visit.

Please keep us in mind when booking your Private Charter for you and you friends. We strive to go above and beyond for our visitors in San Diego.

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