Japan is moving towards establishing more sustainable whale-hunting quotas which will raise the international ban on hunting whales. They are going to attempt to do this by weakening the decision-making ability for commercial whaling, and as of right now Japan is hunting whales and classifying it as being used for scientific research.

There are countries such as Australia that is opposing Japan’s proposition stating that we need a more conservation focused mindset. All of the meetings that have happened so far have resulted in both sides being unable to make a decision. As of right now, Japan has stated there are at least 11 countries will to engage in constructive dialogue.

In order for Japan to be able to alter the treaty, they require at least a 75% majority to agree to their terms. There are still some pro-conservation states that see some merit in Japan’s whaling initiatives, but a lot of work will have to be done in order to get the 75% majority vote as they need.

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