Time has been moving by so fast that we haven’t even realized that it is October. Time for the leaves to start falling and everyone to start getting ready for the winter. There are a couple of amazing things that happen in October, Halloween and Kids Free October. Pretty much everyone knows what Halloween is, but restaurants and certain vendors around San Diego are opting out of any charges on child admission for the month of October!

san diego in the fall

Restaurants are not the only vendors doing this! There are vendors all around the city like us! During the entire month of October, we are saying “Kids Sail Free,” with any paying adult a kid under 18 can come and sail San Diego Bay free of cost! That means that a family of 4 can sail the bay for half the cost!

San Diego is the absolute perfect place to come out for the month of October, family fun for everyone! You can start your day off with one of the many Kids Eat Free Restaurant and then continue the family fun with a sail right on the bay. For more information on exactly who is participating in Kids Free October go to https://www.sandiego.org/promotions/kids-free.aspx

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