San Diego is known for many things. Whether it’s our world famous zoo, our breathtaking sunsets, our Luxury Sailing Yachts, or our friendly attitude, it’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone in our great city.

Although we are all familiar with these attractions and landmarks in the city, we thought we would share some of the lesser known facts about San Diego with you!

1.) San Diego produces more avocados than any other place in the country

2.) Over 200 cruise ships berth in the San Diego harbor every year…talk about a Luxury Sailing experience!

3.) It is illegal to perform hypnotism in publics schools

4.) The first person over the Coronado Bridge was Ronald Reagan in 1969

5.) San Diego imports around 80-90% of its water!

6.) The band Blink-182 is from San Diego

7.) The famous skater Tony Hawk was raised in this city

8.) May 29th is “Tony Hawk Day” in the city of San Diego

9.) The city of San Diego has never won a World Series, a Super Bowl or an NBA Final

10.) Much like the curse of the Bambino, the San Diego Chargers were “cursed” when the team traded a wide receiver to the Dallas Cowboys in1970

11.) Cameron Diaz was born in San Diego in 1972

12.) The Star of India is the world’s oldest sailing vessel (built in 1863) still in operation on the planet! The vessel resides in the San Diego Bay! You can sometimes see the boat during our Private Yacht Charters!

13.) All of the lakes in San Diego are manmade

14.) San Diego was the tune capital of the world from 1930 to 1970

15.) As if this place wasn’t magic enough, Dr. Suess is from San Diego

So next time your friends and families are visiting, you can share some of these lesser known facts about San Diego! Make sure you take your family to see all the wonderful sights and end the day by Sailing Into The Sunset on a Sunset Sail around the San Diego Bay.

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