The U.S.S. Constitution is sailing in the Massachusetts Bay from left to right. Camera angle is down looking up as the mast points dramatically to the right and into the sky.

Located on Pearl Street in La Jolla, you can find a small shop completely dedicated to maritime history and vintage nautical creations. On a bright blue backdrop, you’ll see the sign “Nautical History Gallery & Museum” tucked in between the beach town shopping alleys. This local gem is run by artist, Joe Frangiosa Jr., who specializes in creating ship models from all time periods.

Man’O’War Cutaway

Joe carefully constructs each model based on blueprints, text, drawings, or anything that can tell him about the vessel. A visitor can take a sweeping view of nautical technology transforming through time as they walk through the store. Also decorated are various nautical antiques, usually in a careful display near their associated periodical ship model.

Camera angle looking down onto a side profile of ship
U.S.S. NEW YORK (BB-34) 1914

Joe initially served in the US Navy for many years and retired, before dedicating his life to his craft. His military service sparked an interest in nautical and naval history. His gallery also has been featured in local events such as the Del Mar Antique Show, the Maritime Musem, and 2017 U.S.Navy Fleet-Maintenance-and-Modernization Symposium.

Civil War Side Paddlewheeler. Circa 1863.

San Diego Sailing Tours is passionate about shining a spotlight on our vibrant local community that makes San Diego a special place. We also have a love for maritime history, and are proud that our own Captain Allan is part of the Maritime Museum here in San Diego. Be sure to ask him questions about nautical history if you tour with him as your guide.

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