It’s known that San Diego is where the sun always shines and for year-round almost perfect temperatures. It’s been the perfect location for our sailing company for the past 8 years and offers a stark contrast to many people who travel here from around the world. Often we’ll get phone calls from someone in Michigan where it’s snowing, asking how the weather is here, in which we reply, ” 70 degrees, sunny, occasional clouds, and light wind!”

However, there are two months that truly paint the sky different, confusing non-locals who think they’re getting the best of San Diego by coming just before peek tourist season. May Gray and June Gloom is a very real thing here, but it’s crucial to our landscape to get these sprinkles just before the summer in which we can expect no rain for several months.

Luckily in these months though, often cloudy skies part for just a few hours around noon. So your perfect Sun Diego vacation isn’t in the gutter completely. Just be prepared to bring a light jacket and expect a drizzle or two during your stay.

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