Get to know our fantastic crew and yachts! Today we’ll be talking about Lora Lei, one of our youngest yachts. She is named after the German mythological figure, a mermaid who haunted the most dangerous passages of the Rhine River. While she isn’t luring any Germans to their death, she shines with a rare and classic beauty.

Lora Lei is a 30 ft. 1991 Golden Gate Odyssey, built by Chuck Burns in San Francisco. Chuck Burns is a specialized naval architect who continues to build custom yachts, and Lora Lei is one of only 200 yachts that were built in this design. What makes her so special, is that even though she was built in the 90’s, she was designed with the vintage feel of the 60’s and 70’s, which is the type of yachts you will commonly find in our fleet.

Despite her youth, Lora Lei still underwent extensive repairs before we christened her into our fleet. Today her interior is composed of gleaming rosewood and dark mahogany, and her exterior glows with real tweak wood trim and the classical lines of an era before her day. Unlike her predecessors, which were designed to be some of the first racing yachts, she was built for cruising across open seas.

Possibly for your next private booking, you may be with this vessel, and knowing her history allow yourself to be carried with her grace. Know that a lot of care was placed in her composition and restoration.

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