This Summer San Diego Sailing Tours is excited to sponsor the Swamp Monkeys in the Red Bull Soapbox Race on August 20th in Los Angeles, California.

The Soapbox Race is an adventurous competition for amateur drivers racing homemade, non-motorized cars. This year’s race in LA will mark over 100 Red Bull sponsored soapbox events, and the slopes of Angels Point Road promise to make this race one of a kind.

In their own words, the Swamp Monkeys are “in it to win it, or at least crash in a spectacular fashion.” To learn more about the Swamp Monkeys, and their race preparations, checkout their awesome introduction video.

Meet the Swamp Monkeys

For details about the Red Bull Soapbox Race, and info on the Swamp Monkey’s and their competition, visit the official race site here: Red Bull Soapbox Race 2017

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