There’s something about the ocean and the wind that stirs the soul, and we at San Diego Sailing Tours know that as much as any sea fairing company. So our featured image of the day is one taken by own crew, reminding us of the high points we take in life.

Starting your Day Right:

Can mean a lot of things for different people. It could mean a good breakfast, listening to inspiring music, or maybe even watching the news. Whatever motivates you for your day, it should reflect your overall goals. And the most important thing in keeping goals is believing they are a reality and that you’re worthy of them.

Positive Affirmation:

This phrase has gained a lot of popularity, and there are many ways to achieve this. Some people create vision boards, or write self-loving poetry, maybe even a list of goals. Either way, it provides a visual for our hopes and dreams, to give us a point to focus on. Some people think it’s magic, and maybe in some ways it is, where it at least helps us channel our energy into finding opportunities. It can help us overcome obstacles by allowing us to not dwell on what we don’t have but rather something to look forward to.

So the Monday blues can actually be bright. Just look upwards and channel your energy forward.

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