Art exhibits might come and go, but the following are some you absolutely will not want to miss out on!

Becky Guttin: TEXTURAS

Mixed media artist Becky Guttin’s pop-up exhibition includes texture driven works, both large and small. All works on show invite the viewer to further explore and appreciate the artist’s manipulation of materials as much as the final product. Guaranteed, the entire evening will be nothing short of amazing. The opening of TEXTURAS by Becky Guttin,  In signature Vanguard Culture style, will include delightful wines from the Valle de Guadalupe. There will also be delicious bites by their Culinary Director, Chef Daniella de la Puente of La Cocina Secreta to enjoy. Space is limited. Registration required.

Chain, Rusty, Links, Iron, Metal, Rust, Texture

Tim Shaw: Beyond Reason

An exploration of global terrorism, freedom of speech, and artificial intelligence as expressed through six thought-provoking installations.”

Sculptor Tim Shaw, originally from northern Ireland,  creates psychological-powered environments that expose humanitarian issues. All are designed to provoke thought and discomfort viewers. These are works charged with the civics of our times, our role in society, and our future as human beings. Mr. Shaw’s work raises questions about controversial topics such as abuse of power and terrorism. The themes in this exhibition speak to today’s challenges, yet could also be applied to our dark history as a whole. His work shows bare scars of our humanity such as the threat of terrorism, the abuse of money to revoke free speech, and the abuse of power in order to remain in control. Overall, you won’t be walking out of this exhibit the same way you walked in. 

  • Some may find the imagery disturbing. Parental guidance recommended.
  • Mother The Air is Blue, The Air Is Dangerous represents a terrorist explosion in a public place and incorporates a low-lying fog machine. Visitor discretion advised.
  • The Birth of Breakdown Clown is an interactive performance with limited audience capacity. Entry is on a first-come, first served basis.

A photo from Tim Shaw's "Soul Snatcher," courtesy of San ...Above: A photo from Tim Shaw’s “Soul Snatcher,” courtesy of the San Diego Museum of Art.


As expressed, art is a beautiful blend of subtle beauty and rugged realism. These top two exhibits are right in the heart of San Diego so you’ll have no worries locating each. Use this weekend to expand your creative limits and learn certain moments throughout our history! You could also bring some friends to join in on the festivities and possibly get different viewpoints/background stories on each piece. These are events you definitely won’t want to miss out on.
































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