Many people visiting San Diego are here for family fun and our unique vibrant scene, and while many have cameras, this article is for the more adventurous photographer. San Diego has several hidden gems outside of the regular tourist scenery. So check out the list below if you want to find some of the best views for photography in this beautiful city.

Old Town

What used to be the original San Diego, is now a shopping, restaurant, and historical hub for tourist and locals to get a taste of San Diego in the 1800’s. You will find historical and remodeled buildings that feel like you’re stepping in time, dirt roads, and almost every business has their employees dressed up in traditional and colorful wear. Don’t miss your photo opportunities in this vibrant community, and don’t forget to try the food and beverages while you’re there.

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Sunset Cliffs

Located in Ocean Beach, you can drive along Sunset Cliff BLVD until you find them on the side of the road. Find a parking space, bring a blanket to relax, and explore the natural formations over millions of years of buildup and erosion. As stated in the name, it’s a perfect place to watch the sunset and also take killer photos.

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Cowels Mountain

This is definitely for someone who loves hiking and a daytime adventure. Cowels Mountain one of several peaks in Mission Trails, a unique wildlife sanctuary in the middle of San Diego. This hike is the highest point in San Diego City, and once at the top, you can see all of San Diego with a 360-degree view. Fair warning, there is no shade in this hike, so check the temperatures if you go during the daytime, or better yet, set out just before sunset!

Scripps Ranch

The area surrounding Scripps Ranch has several awesome photography spots. The most recognizable will be the Scripps Ranch Pier, which can only be accessed underneath it, as the pier itself is private. Other hidden gems include the Swinging Bench, which is attached to a tree on a nearby hillside. There are also several cliffs and beaches in the adjacent area which make great photos.

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Cabrillo Point

This is often a fun hike, reaching to the top point of Point Loma. You will find Cabrillo Monument overlooking the ocean, with a beautiful view of San Diego City. There is also an old lighthouse at the end that makes for great pictures.

PHOTO BY: Natalie Harris

Of course, you can get many unique photos by joining San Diego Sailing Tours on an intimate sail. You can get a backdrop of Point Loma and Downtown San Diego while on a classic sailing yacht. The photo opportunities in San Diego are endless!

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