The Gaslamp Quarter (also known as the “Gaslamp District”) is Downtown San Diego’s party headquarters. (You’ll notice that we specify “Downtown San Diego”, because there are several major party districts in San Diego, including in P.B. – Pacific Beach.)

San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is an actual 16-city-block District in the City of San Diego that’s filled with scrumptious restaurants, hopping bars & nightclubs, and lots of very beautiful people. Brightly-lit peddle-cabs can be seen shuttling tourists and some locals through the streets of the Gaslamp, providing them a laid-back, low-speed tour of the area. Eight rooftop bars provide an excellent atmosphere for socializing with friends, and making new ones, in the clean & open air of San Diego’s fantastic weather.

Just three and a half miles from San Diego Sailing Tours’ fleet and office, The Gaslamp Quarter is the perfect place to hang out, have some good food & drink, and hang loose after an afternoon or evening of sunset sailing, whale or marine wildlife watching, or just sailing around the San Diego Bay, with one of the professional, licensed captains of San Diego Sailing Tours.

One of the Author’s favorite attractions in the Gaslamp is a large, popular, indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar called Dick’s Last Resort. Hearty, all-American food, is just the start, at Dick’s.

Dick’s niche is that the staff are intentionally overtly rude to all customers, throwing silverware on the table, being impatient, hurling insults and nasty comments, and even creating “dunce caps” with insults written on them, and placing them on customers’ heads.

I’ve been there once, and before I went, my friend told me, “Pete… I know you, and your personality… I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go to Dick’s.” That made me want to go, even more! I really enjoyed it. I knew that the employees were actually nice people, putting on an act. I found it very humorous and look forward to going back. It might even make for a good first or second date, to determine the sense of humor of the other person.

Whether your visit to San Diego’s Gaslamp District includes a stop at Dick’s Last Resort, or not, you are bound to have a great time!


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