In two weeks, the largest entertainment and media convention in the world, San Diego Comic-Con, will open at the Convention Center on July 20. This long-sold-out event attracts visitors to San Diego from all over the world, giving us the opportunity to show off our city in its best summer style. Many a native San Diegan knows that Comic-Con means more traffic than usual in Downtown San Diego, so here are a few tips to make sure your weekend in San Diego is fun and efficient!

Take the Trolley – The weekend of Comic-Con is well known as a “stay-off-the-freeways” kind of time here in San Diego. With parking almost non-existent downtown and Uber fares surged-priced, the San Diego MTS Trolley remains the best way to access Downtown San Diego during the weekend. The Trolley runs from all around the Greater San Diego Area into Downtown and can be an efficient way to make sure you get where you need to go.

Mentally Prepare Yourself – Crowds aren’t necessarily anyone’s favourite thing, and at the largest worldwide entertainment convention, you can bet that a lot more people than usual will be around. Knowing ahead of time that you will run into crowds helps everyone keep a cool head and enjoy the atmosphere. Remember, these visitors are coming to San Diego for an experience, so it’s up to us native San Diegans to show them how great our city can be!

Make Bookings Ahead of Time – Nothing beats planning, and especially during Comic-Con weekend, be sure to make bookings and reservations for anything restaurants or activities you plan on visiting. San Diego Sailing Tours is ready to accommodate sailing excursions today!

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