When you think of sailing, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe the deep blue waters in the San Diego bay or the aqua green waters in the Bahamas? But wait, I know exactly what you’re thinking about! How in the world could I enjoy the water if I have absolutely no clue of how to sail. No worries, here are a few basic skills for beginners to get you started and feeling comfortable about sailing on your own or with a licensed captain. (our captains are the best!)

  1. Be able to tell which direction the wind is blowing

If you are able to manage the force of the wind on the sails, you will soon be able to call yourself a sailor. All you have to do is adjust the sails with respect to your moving sailing vessel. Don’t worry, most if not all sailing vessels are equipped with gadgets that will help you. There is a wind vane at the top of the mast that literally points which direction the wind is coming from. There are ribbons or yarns (“telltales”) tied in the rigging or connected to the sail that also tell the wind direction.

2. Steer accurately

In order to trim (adjust) your sails properly, you have to be able to steer your sailing vessel at an angle from where the wind is coming from.

3. Trim (adjust) the sail properly

Being able to recognize when the sail is trimmed properly is a key proponent to becoming a skilled sailor. When your vessel is sailing in a straight line,  simply ease the “sheet” (the line that controls the sail) until the leading edge of the sail (the “luff”) starts to flutter slightly in and out. Pull the sheet in just enough so that the fluttering stops and you will have a properly trimmed sail. If you change direction, simply re-trim (re-adjust) the sail.

That is a quick lesson on the skills you will have to learn to become a sailor. Easy right? Take advantage of our private sailing tours today where you can receive private sailing lessons in the San Diego waters by one of our licensed captains!



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