We really do pride ourselves in being a sailing company for any occasion. Our featured image of the day captures a group just before their sail, ready to celebrate their bride-to-be! Bellow is just a little fun history on Bachelorette Parties.

Bachelor Parties have been recorded dating back to ancient times when Spartans would throw a dinner and toast the groom-to-be. However, women were not traditionally given an honorary party until fairly recently. Throughout the centuries in Europe, women would gather in delightful tea parties with nice dresses to celebrate the bachelorette.

The wild parties involving alcohol and having fun while out in town didn’t come around until the 60’s when women’s freedoms where more revolutionized. So one can say this tradition is truly a more recent phenomenon. So the next time you’re celebrating a bride you know, feel free to customize the way you honor her. It might even involve sailing along the San Diego Bay!

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