Sailors are people who aren’t shaken too easily, but what will have a sailor quaking in their boots are their own superstitions. Most of them revolve around bad luck and the weather; well that is pretty much our entire life isn’t it? Here is a list of sailors’ superstitions.

#1 Red Sunrise

The red sunrise is one of the most well-known sailor superstitions that there is. It states that if the sky is red at sunset then the weather the following morning will be good, but if the sky is red at sunrise then sailors beware.

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#2 Jonah

This is an age-old expression used to refer to people on a voyage that are seen as bad luck. This is based on the Biblical prophet Jonah. This term is commonly seen in many sailing movies and other different sailing stores.

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#3 Sirens

Sirens are believed to be the demise of many sailors; they are known to seduce sailors by their absolutely beautiful singing and cause them to crash while they are on dangerous voyages. In Roman lore, they are believed to be the daughters of Phorcys.


#4 Bananas

Bananas are known far and wide to be a source of evil and bad luck whenever on a private boat or a fishing yacht.

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#5 Cats

Although in many other cultures black cats are known as bad luck, amongst sailors cats are known as good luck. This is because cats eat rodents and can get rid of other pests that may find home aboard the ship.

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