San Diego has a lot of things to offer despite this unprecedented time that the world is experiencing right now. It may be a winter month right now, it does not mean that SoCal has less to offer, thanks to the sunny weather all throughout the year. And while, San Diego is best known for its one-of-a-kind coastline and pristine beaches, it does not mean one can’t experience a winter snowy getaway.

Blessed by its beautiful coast line and stunning ranges of mountains combined and a vibrant feel of a modern city, this southern most part of US mainland on the west offers a variety of things to complete in one’s bucketlist. From sailing to hiking and to shopping during this holidays,  San Diego definetly got it covered.

One of a “must to do list” during holidays here in San Diego is the December nights. It is a local and annual celebration during holidays held in Balboa Park where everyone will get a chance to experience christmas festivity of San Diego. Despite the pandemic that is going on right now, December nights celebration continues of course following a strict health guidelines particularly social distancing. A huge selection of foods and local producst are being showcased. Come, check out and experience December Nights at Balboa Park daily from 7AM to 10PM.san diego



















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