This October, the Extreme Sailing Series is returning to San Diego as part of its world tour sailing competition. The Extreme Sailing Series first started in 2007 as a global sailing competition between teams from all around the world. It is a sailing competition that draws fans and spectators worldwide to see their amazing feats on the water.

Teams in the Extreme Sailing Series use a special type of vessel called a hydro-foiling catamaran, a 12-meter long vessel that is designed to be as fast as possible. They weigh just under 1000kg and are crewed by 5 experienced sailors each. Each crew member fulfills a specific role orientated towards crossing the finish line first. This year, the Swiss team have been dominating most of the Acts of the 2018 Series.

The 2018 Series comes to San Diego from October 18 to 21. The event is free for spectators, with many offerings in the Race Village from sponsors and local sailing enthusiasts. Harbor Island is where the spectators’ area will be, right where San Diego Sailing Tours makes its home.

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