Here at San Diego Sailing Tours we are super excited about a fun and new way to reach out to you and give you some love for your interest and loyalty to Sailing The San Diego Bay and the ocean! Starting this May, we will be launching our Snapchat Flash Coupons! Here is how it works:

First, you must add our official Snapchat: sdsailingtours

Then, go ahead and check out our blog, twitter, and Facebook for some interesting things to do around San Diego, as well as information regarding sailing, etc.. Snap us! Show us what you’re doing with fun pictures of you and your adventures here in our beautiful city. If your snaps relate to any piece of media we have placed online, in print, or if they involve San Diego Sailing Tours, we will send you a SnapCoupon! These coupons are a mystery until opened and could include up to 30% off a sail! The more interesting and fun the snap, the better your reward will be.

Lasty, and this is the fun part, if you open your SnapCoupon from San Diego Sailing Tours and screenshot it you MUST use the coupon within 3 days or it will be void. However, if you bring your phone in to the office and open your SnapCoupon with us in person, you will be able to use the coupon to book a tour any time within 30 days.

So that’s it! We look forward to seeing how unique and interesting our customers and fans are, and are even more eager to show our appreciation by giving back. Thank you all so much for your loyalty and being such fun people!

We’ll Sail You Soon!

Make sure to keep checking our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information on upcoming giveaways and prizes!

*Cannot be combined with any other offer/ not redeemable for cash. Applicable only to future bookings.

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